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Ruined Orgasm Guide for Keyholders

Ruined orgasms are perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a man kept in strict chastity and orgasm denial. Read this article and you’ll finally understand why this is.

Premium Oyster Powder Improves Sexual Health

While some head over to the medicine cabinet to retrieve a prescription pill to increase their sexual desire, evidence is showing that premium oyster powder is mimicking the same effect, naturally. It’s an organic and natural way to restore normal sexual health.

Tease And Denial Ideas For Cruel Keyholders

One of the most important “rules” for making strict long-term orgasm denial work in a marriage or other relationship is regular and frequent tease and denial, or “edging”. After all, men who crave chastity are not saying they want to be “locked and left” when they beg you to take control of their orgasms: what they want is to experience the torturous pleasure of being taken to the edge of orgasm but not being allowed to cross over it. In this article, we explore three simple ways of keeping your man chaste but still interested and excited… and permanently orgasm free.

Sex Positions – How To Give Your Woman Better Sex And More Sexual Satisfaction Using ‘The Longbow’

In this article you’ll discover a great SEX POSITION that you can use to give your woman BETTER SEX. It’s called ‘The Longbow’ Position and if you’d like to give your woman more sexual satisfaction, you should read on now and find out how it’s done…

Sexual Health Tips: How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a problem that affects up to 40% of males today. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help alleviate this problem. Give them a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Advanced Sex Positions – How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman Using ‘The Cobra’

In this article we’re going to talk about ADVANCED SEX POSITIONS, specifically — The Cobra Sex Position. And if you want to give your woman much better sex and truly sexually satisfy her, you’ll really find this sex position useful. So read on now, find out how to do it and start having more fun in your bedroom tonight…

Male Chastity Mainstream?

Male chastity in a loving relationship can be normal. The application of its use is the important part. Learning how to be that close and trusting is the key!